Standing Plant Root Remover Tool -Long Handle Weed Remover

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This Standing Plant Root Removal Tool offers the perfect balance between ease of use and durability. It features a reinforced, lightweight aluminum alloy shaft for easy lifting, a stainless steel claw and a reinforced foot pedal for digging into hard soil to get weeds.

Save time and save your back with the Stand-Up Weed Puller, which features a 39-inch shaft to pull weeds upright to the roots. Constant bending while pulling weeds can leave your back aching. No more back pain, aching knees or dirty hands!

Point the root removal tool at the weed, start in an upright position, insert the steel claw into the centre of the weed, step on it effortlessly with your foot, twist the handle to pull it out and pull the top handle down let go of the plant. That's how easy it is to permanently remove weeds with the root removal tool!

Why invest in half a dozen different garden tools when you can handle them all with the Step and Twist garden and lawn weeding tool? Make it easy on yourself and take care of every type of weed or dandelion with just one tool so you can enjoy your gardening again!


Size: 93 cm x 20 cm

Finish: Non-coated

Material : Aluminium, plastics

Type : Weeder

Customer Reviews

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Murli Vohra
It's brilliant

It's a handy piece of kit for getting the weeds out of the lawn. It came within 2 days of ordering it. Instruction are a bit hard to follow but got there in the end. Yes it is a bit flimsy but well worth the money. I've bought another for my son. My lawn is now weed free and looks like a carpet

Andrew J.
Great tool for yard

Great tool for getting weeds out of your yard. No more getting on your knees digging out weeds. Stand twist and turn then push out weed into a bucket. Very easy and saves big time on your back!

Kathleen K.
Works great, easy to use.

This is great for most types of weeds. Easy to use.

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