Retractable Dog Leash Flexible Ring Shape

Color: White with gray
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The sleek look is elegant for you and your pup, while the ergonomic design frees up both hands and one hand. The innovative circular design and soft, non-slip handle material ensure that you won't get hurt when the dog runs wild. While you are walking the dog, you can also have fun with others.

360° no tangle and retractable leash design to ensure the strap can be smoothly retracted at any angle. 300 cm leash length is enough for your pet to enjoy maximum freedom and safety. Maximum pulling force approx. 90 kg, also suitable for pets under 30 kg and active dogs.

Easy to use one-button brake and quick release system. Lock tightly. You can easily adjust the length of the dog leash to fully lock it to the desired length. You can easily release your hands. Also, if the dog runs suddenly, the wristband will activate the lock button when it touches your skin, which can stop the sudden running forward the first time.

Built-in battery and LED light design make you very convenient to walk outdoors. This retractable dog leash gives you the best visibility and safety when walking at night. There is a breathing light on the edge of the leash, and the three colors red, green and blue are preset, so you can enjoy the time to walk the dog at night.


Charging Method: Type-C 5V
Battery capacity: 210mah
Product weight: 220g
Total traction length: 3 meters
Maximum static pull: 90 kg
Size: 138 x 138 x 30 mm

Breathing lights on both sides can change 3 colors.

Package includes:
1 x Elastic rope
1 x Main body of traction rope
1 x USB charging cable (Type-C)


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