Rechargeable Flashlight Trustfire Mini 2

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TrustFire Mini2 is a USB mini rechargeable EDC flashlight.

Mini2 powered by 10180 battery which is charged by micro USB port, when the light head is unscrewed and removed, it uses CA18-3X LED paired with TIR optics. The output can be changed by simply rotating the lamp head. It is a reliable and helpful EDC lighting tool.
The surface has been treated by three-step hard anodic oxidation.


The MINI2 flashlight is powered by a built-in 10180 battery that delivers up to 220 lumens of brightness.
Compact size, shorter than AAA battery; small and lightweight.
MINI2 size is only 38.9mm (length)*13.8mm (diameter), and weighs only 0.41oz/11g.
Micro-USB Rechargeable
Within 0.5 hours, but can work for 7.5 hours at low setting


The MINI2 is designed to change the output (5/220 lumens) by simply rotating the lamp head. Turn it slightly to turn it on at 5 lumens, and a little further for 220 lumens.
Soft and balanced light cone for comfortable use.


The MINI2 is equipped with a TIR lens that produces a soft and balanced beam of light for comfortable use. Perfect for home, car, gifts and emergency situations. Widely used for camping, hiking, hunting, backpacking, fishing, grilling and EDC.

Stylish & Compact keychain light to carry every day


  • Max luminous: 220 lumens, 5 lumens
  • Working voltage is 3.1v ~ 4.2v.
  • Runtime: 220 lumens -- 23 minutes, 5 lumens Max 7.5 hours
  • Candela: 890CD
  • Max beam range: 57 m
  • Waterproof: IPX8, 2 meters underwater
  • Drop height: 2 meters
  • Use ca18-3x LED, life of 50000 hours.
  • It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be charged via Micro-USB cable.
  • 38.9 mm (long)13.8 mm (head diameter).
  • Net weight 11 g (including battery).
  • Anti-reverse connection design, prevent the battery installation against the circuit to cause harm.
  • Aviation aluminum manufacturin

Package Includes:
1x MINI2 Flashlight
1x Micro-usb cable
1x user manual
1x O-rings

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