Lumbar Massager Abdominal Back Waist Massage

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Smart Waist Abdomen Massager Electric EMS Infrared Heating Massager for Waist Belly Back Hot Compress Stress Relief with Wireless Remote.



1. Automatic timing for 15 minutes, see noticeable effects in just 3 weeks, with regular wear.

2. Four electrodes departments cover wider area and massage more acupuncture points at a time;

3. Heat up fast in 5 seconds, adjustable in 16 massage intensity, 5 modes, 4 massage patterns: kneading, finger pressing, massage, beating;

4. 2heat compress modes, 38 °C low temperature heat pack, slow blood circulation, high temperature 41 °C-43 °C, accelerates blood circulation;

5. red light irradiation technology applies red light with a wavelength of 600-650 nm, penetrates into the muscle surface layer, and deeply relieves waste fatigue;

6. Adopted by EMS Electron therapy technology, with remote control intelligent touch panel, the flexible floating massage head fit waist curve and fit most body sizes.

Material: ABS+stainless steel
Color: pink
Weight: 580g
Package size: 22.7*11.5*7.5 cm
Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
Charging time: 2.5h
Max Endurance: 30hours (only in massage mode)

Package includes:

1* Waist Massager
1* User Manual
1* USB Charging Cord
1* Aloe Gel
1* Button Cell

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