12 inch Mobile Universal Screen

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12-INCH SCREEN MAGNIFIER the newly updated 3D screen magnifier can enlarge the display of your smartphone by 4 to 6 times. This is great for watching movies and playing games, and reduces long-term focus on small screens for discomfort and visual fatigue.

ENTERTAINMENT and RADIATION PROTECTION - Optical high-definition zoom technology, 3D visual enjoyment. The ultra-high definition screen makes the phone's display clearer and larger, making people's viewing not only more comfortable than the traditional screens viewing experience, but also effectively prevent the radiation generated by the mobile phone from harming the human eye.

FREE TO CARRY-Durable design, lightweight and compact, easy to carry, suitable for indoor, office, desktop, travel and journey. Please let go when watching movies and videos with this magnifier on your mobile phone screen.

USE INSTRUCTION-Simply slide your phone into the opening on the back of the mobile phone 3D screen magnifier. You can also adjust the zoom comfort by adjusting the distance between the screens to make this smartphone magnifier compatible All types of mobile phones. Don't worry about the size of your phone. Now you can view it in 3D.



Model: L3

Color: Black

Screen size: 12

Material: HD acrylic lens + ABS shell

Size: 256*166*23 mm/10.08*6.54*0.91 in

Package size: 160*170*30 mm

Net weight: 120g

Package includes

1x Mobile Phone Screen Amplifier


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