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Grow Perfect Crops Effortlessly

Inspired by the popular gardening method, square foot gardening, where seeds are sown in specific positions within a square foot, this innovative tool helps you maximize growth of your seeds in a limited space.

The final product is delicious home-grown freshly-picked vegetables. Nothing tastes quite as good! But don't forget - growing your own food also means you know how (and with what) your veggies are fertilized - and ultimately, what ends up on your kitchen table.

Maximized spacing = less exposed soil = less water evaporation = a lower water bill.


A huge time-saver for weeding because perfect interval spacing of plants make weeds easy to spot and maximized spacing leaves less room for weeds.


1) Press the square into the soil.

2) Poke the color-coded holes.

3) Plant your seeds. That’s it…just don’t forget to water them. 



Crafted from premium-grade ABS plastic, you'll be planting for years to come. 



  • Perfectly organized plants
  • Weeds are super easy to spot
  • Less room for weeds means less weeding for you
  • Less water is needed (less exposed soil = less evaporation)
  • Get 2-5 times the yield (compared to traditional row gardening)

Great for all ages,experience levels and all garden sizes!

What's in the package:

  • Color-Coded Seeding Template (one square foot)
  • Planting Guide/Instructions (double-sided, thick card stock)
  • Magnetized Dibber with depth markings and Seed-Spoon
  • Funnel that clips onto the back of the template



Customer Reviews

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Abby Myles
My kids seem to love it

Originally bought it for myself, but now my kids use the thing more than I do. 😂

Abby Myles

Im kinda new to gardening but just built 4ea 4x8x12" beds and have been researching the hell out of different methods of planting, layouts, companion planting, etc. I was sold on the idea of square foot gardening early on in my research then stumbled upon seed planting templates. I toyed with making my own but figure the $25 was worth the wood and an hour of my time. In short, it's a simple t
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Abby Myles

Love this sturdy gardening tool. You should get many seasons out of it. It comes with a handy guide and clear instructions. It made Direct Sewing my seed, so easy.

Abby Myles

Template is sturdy, durable and visually appealing layout! I still feel I am a novice gardener especially with multiple varieties of plants and seeds. This template will help me visualize the layout and clarity of some plants spacing that was confusing me and making it hard to get started! First on my list is to direct sow carrots and I plan to do that one next week.

Abby Myles

LOVE THIS ITEM!!!It made planting seeds so much more easier and I used every square inch possible in my raised garden trug.I’m growing seedlings 🌱 and can’t wait for the garden to flourish.This is great for beginners and kids. I think seasoned Gardners would also find it useful based on some channels I watch on YouTubeCheck out my pictures 👍🏼

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