Dog Bowl Silicone Pet Cat Dog Food Water Bowls

Color: Blue
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Made of 100% premium food grade silicone, BPA free, dishwasher safe and non-toxic. Soft texture, compressive resistance and pressure resistance.

Easy to clean. The durable silicone construction of the bowl allows it to be rinsed or cleaned after use. Always wash pet products after each use to avoid cross contamination and spread of germs.


 The dog bowl with a width of 13 cm, a height of 5.5 cm, can hold water up to 350 ml or dog food of 1.5 cups. 1.3 x 40 x 26 cm, when folded: Simply pop up, then folded.


 An indispensable travel piece, a travelling dog bowl that is intended for travel and can hold water, dog food, snacks, etc. When not in use, the folding bowl can be used as a Frisbee, and I think that every Frisbee plays with his dog.


 Opens and folds in a simple and flat way to easily store it with the hole of the clip. The included steel buckle can be used to place a backpack or a single bowl on the backpack or directly on the trousers.


Package includes:

1x Silicone Bowl

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