Electronic Microscope

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1600x magnification, clearly captures details. Built in 8 LED light.

Premium anti-skid handle, comfortable and durable. This portable microscope is a perfect toy for kids to explore micro world, also suit for people who love observing insects, skin, PCB and many interesting objects.

Textile inspection, jewellery inspection, collections/coin inspection, printing inspection, PCB orPCBA inspection and so on.

The microscope is made of high quality IC and electronic components, with clear image quality, low power consumption, high resolution, applicable for small objects to be larger.

Photo and video production, is the best choice of small objects recognition.



Image sensor: 0.3 M HD CMOS sensor
Photo resolution: 640x480
Video capture resolution: 640x480
Focus range: Manual focus from 15 ~ 44mm
Frame rate: Max. 30f/s
Magnification: 1600X
Video Format: AVI


Package includes:

1 x Microscope
1 x Stand
1 x Software CD
1 x Calibration Ruler

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