Underwear Storage Organizer Box

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4 Piece/Set Underwear Closet Drawer Divider Dresser Clothes Ties Socks Bra Scarves Organizer Storage Box
New and beautiful, large storage space can be added, and it is easy to collect and can be placed in the bedroom, living room, kitchen and other storage items.
Antibacterial and dustproof, large-capacity storage, classified and placed to protect your second skin, saving living room space, avoiding tipping over cabinets.


Material: fleece, PP board
Product size:
6 sheets: 33x16x10cm/12.99x6.3x3.94
7 sheets: 33x30x10 cm/12.6x12.6x3.94 
8 sheets: 29x16x10 cm/11.42x6.3x3.94
24 sheets: 33x30x10 cm/12.6x12.6x3.94 

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