5 Chicken Garden Statue

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These are the cutest chickens, it looks like a real chicken just standing there, making your garden more vivid.



The chickens are made of high quality acrylic materials, the material is durable and reliable, and it is made by multiple processes, which is not easy to break, and it is very durable.


Versatile application: you can use these chickens not only to decorate your garden and lawn, but also place them behind the door and on your roof. This statue like a real chicken can bring life and vitality to your home:


The chicken yard garden decorations consists of 5 different chickens with different kinds of chickens that look real from afar with eyes and beak details, which will enliven your garden and give a lively feeling.



Material: Acrylic
Color: black
size: the size of these 5 chickens including
24.7 x14,8 cm
25,0 x14,0 cm
25,0x 21,0 cm
25,0 x15,0 cm
27,0x 21,0 cm

Package Includes:
1*set5pcs Decoration

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