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Stay connected with friends and family with our unique long distance friendship lamps!

We all have someone we care about, and sometimes they live in another part of the world. But distance, time and other constraints don't mean you have to lose touch. Our unique Friendship Lamps connect via touch and are a great way to reduce distance - simply and effectively!

Connect as many lamps together as you like! A perfect gift for a couple living long distance or extended family living overseas.

With our friendship lamps, you can say "hello" to the people you love and care about over long distances. It's a great way to tell them you love them without actually saying anything.

When you buy a pair of friendship lamps, simply keep one at your home and send the other to a family member or friend.

To connect them, follow the simple instructions in the manual and connect the lamp to the Wi-Fi in your home.

Friendship Lamps help you stay connected with friends and family! When you see the lamp light up in a different color, it means your loved one is thinking about you.

Material Quality: ABS +Plastic+ Metal
Light output: 1.6W
Charging Port: USB interface
Battery capacity: 3.7V/1200mAh
Charging time: 2.5 hours
Input: 5V/1A
Operating time: 24 hou rs (white light maximum brightness)
Product size: 98*120mm
Net weight: 183 grams

Package Includes:

Friendship Lamps (Set of 2 Lamps)

Customer Reviews

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Our family loves it!! Such a wonderful idea!


With a lot of excellent online help from your team, the family is all back on line now! Green from AK. Blue from VA. Purple from WA. And a tap of orange from PA says “grandad and Gramma love you!” We had two break because of static discharge I think. The great people at Targetcart helped us thru it and WE ARE ALL BACK ON LINE NOW. YOU ROCK! Thanks

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